6 meters square, a broken refrigerator, devastated closets, and shattered windows, this place hosts Leila and her sister Sabah in addition to 2 of their relatives who find a way to sleep on the floor.

The blast smashed what they have been left with and both of them face several health issues; Sabah has diabetes and has gone through an unsuccessful disc operation just like Leila who also suffers from high tension, a deficit in eyesight and who has previously undergone an open heart surgery. Trying to be housekeepers from now and then, they are unable to provide the necessary medications.

"I try to take half what is prescribed so I can live but also make sure that I don’t go out of medications", said Sabah who is extremely worried about the rent of her house elevated to 250 000 L.L. per month since the owner of it is threatening to get it back.

If you can help them in any way possible or provide him with any aid, please contact them at +961 70 796 375 (noting that they have a clear prescription of the needed medications).