I was a taxi driver and I spent day and night working to put my 4 kids in a private school, and now look at us; their back-to-school will be held in a public one, my car literally flew away during the blast and was severely destroyed. Now jobless, I cannot even pay the rent of my house that is 825 000 L.L. per month.

This is the tragic story of Fadi, who lives in Karantina with his wife and their lovely four children, and whose eldest daughter, who is a very devoted and studious 13 year old, when seeing the devastating effects of the blast first asked her parents "How will we now be able to study, amongst this turmoil?"

In great trouble and with an asthmatic son, he is now in despair and urgently needs someone to help him repair his old Chevrolet Cavalier 2000 so he can go back and earn some money being a taxi driver. If you can help him in any way possible or provide him with any aid, please contact him at +961 81 706 029. Note that that he holds all the necessary legal papers proving all of the aforementioned statements.